Promo Videos

Here all the videos and slideshows we've put together so far, more to come!

Devil May Care

The video made by the fantastic people at Tantrwm for the prize-winning Devil May Care, official theme tune of the latest James Bond Book!


Our first video, made at the legendary Pop Factory Studios

Behind the Scenes - Conversations with my Therapist

OK, so we thought we'd record the making of Conversations with my Therapist, because we wanted you to see the professionalism and hard work that goes into making every ttack for you ;)

Some Kind of Salami Days 1 and 2

You can't go wrong a topless drummer!

Some Kind of Salami Day 3

"Spider, why does it always take so long to set the drums up?"

"Well, this time it's because I've left them at home!"

Some Kind of Salami Days 3, 4 and 5

Now with added sub-titling, for the Hard Of Taff!

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